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What Are You Really Buying?

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

When you go to Chic-fil-a, what are you buying? Is it their savory spicy chicken sandwich, or maybe their delicious cookies and cream shake? At first glance, this could be what you're using your money to buy, but in all actuality, it's deeper than that.

You're likely capable of making your own spicy chicken sandwich and cookies and cream shake, but something brings you to Chic-fil-a instead. Have you ever sat down and thought about the fact that you're paying for more than just a delicious sandwich? You could also be trading your money for the convivence of eating at Chic-fil-a instead of cooking, getting quality food with quality customer service, or maybe you just want to signal to your followers on social media that you got some of the best food on Earth.

These implicit benefits aren't just for eating out; the same understanding is apparent in the clothes you buy, the accessories your wear, the events you go to, and more. Being cognizant of the full benefits and costs of a good can give you some clarity in understanding if it is worth your money.

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