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Week 1 of Being an Intern

Updated: May 22, 2021

After spending almost a year dedicating myself to reading and watching videos about the industry, I've finally got the hands-on experience that I've been dying for.

I assumed I'd end up starting the first week off slowly. You know, getting coffee for people, plugging in data into an excel sheet, stuff like that. Yet, I had no idea the other interns and I would be getting the level of educational training that we've been getting. A couple of my fellow interns informed me in amazement that some of the information we're currently learning is discussed in the educational courses needed to sit for the CFP Exam. That fact alone has me in awe. I'll eventually have to take those courses to take the exam, so learning the information that I'm learning now will prove to be helpful when that time comes.

During the week I was also able to interact with the support and lead advisors at the firm. The conversations we've had have been super helpful. Whether we were discussing details about the financial planning industry, or just life, it has all been valuable.

With all that being said, the first week went well. I'll be sure to post my thoughts on the entire internship as soon as it wraps up.

Added note: I almost forgot to mention that I'm interning with Valeo Financial Advisors, a financial planning firm in Carmel, Indiana.

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