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The Best Investment For Someone in Their 20s

Investing in stocks is valuable, so is investing in real estate, bonds, and ETFs. Yet, what's another investment that may be even better for someone that’s in their 20s to invest in? The answer--the investment in themselves.

This investment choice is powerful because it allows them to develop knowledge and skills in a way that could have exponential effects on the rest of their adulthood. Examples of someone investing into themself include but aren't limited to: going to college, attending seminars, listening to audiobooks, and participating in online courses.

Someone in their 20s deciding to invest in themselves is also extremely valuable because it is based on a factor they can control - their work output. The harder they work, the better returns they'll see. The more lackluster their approach to this investment, the less likely they’ll be able to see significant returns. Someone choosing to invest in themself can increase their skills, the number of quality relationships they have, and their earning potential, subsequently improving their quality of life.

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