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When Soccer Cards Meet Crypto (Sorare)

I love soccer. So much so that I transferred the passion I had for the beautiful game into a hustle, trading soccer cards. For the past few months, I’ve been coming across valuable cards for bargain prices and buying them. Recently, I picked up a Landon Donovan rookie card for $10. That same card is currently going for about $200 on eBay. Deals like this seem to have been falling in my lap thanks to my knowledge about the resell value of certain players.

With my passion for trading sports cards and my passion for investing, it was only a matter of time before I learned about Non-Fungable Tokens (NFT). NFTs are essentially digital art on the blockchain that allows artists to sell their art and receive royalties each time their art is sold. Even though NFTs are beneficial to artists, gamers can also find value from NFTs. This is mainly because NFTs give you digital ownership of the collectible that is owned. It is important to know that if the collectible you own is scarce in supply and heavily demanded, then it's likely the price of the item you own will rise over time--similar to an investment.

After doing more research about NFTs, I came across an NFT platform that fits my particular niche. It's called Sorare. This website allows me to open packs and then use the players inside the packs to create a fantasy team to win prizes. To top it all off, I would have ownership over the players' cards (the NFTs). There are three tiers of players; the higher the tier, the rarer the card; and ultimately, the greater the potential resale value.

Currently, Sorare has a competitive advantage in being one of the first NFT sports card manufacturers in the market. Now they have the opportunity to purchase the licenses of different teams and leagues, with no competition getting in their way. In addition to getting backing from video game producer Ubisoft, has raised over 50 million dollars in financial backing from French soccer star Antoine Griezmann, entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk, and Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian. These resources, and any others they obtain, help them to continue to grow while they have their foot on the marketplace's neck.

If you're passionate about the game of soccer, Sorare seems like the perfect opportunity for you. Not only can you enjoy creating fantasy teams, but you can also get in on trading the players' cards for money. You can't beat making money by pursuing your passion.

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